Jenny breezed the intensive driving course!!Some of our lovely 'thank you' messages. Used with the kind permission of the authors.

Thank you for getting me through my Driving Test. I did enjoy and Multiple sclerosis looked forward to my lessons. Take care Andy, will phone to talk about pass plus. Mary Watkins

Cheers Phil.. thanks again for getting me through my test and for getting shot of the boy racer in me! I'll see you for instructor training in a few years!! Craig 

Phil ... Thank you, thank you, thank you !! I'd have given up on driving if not for your encouragement and confidence in me.  Passing my test was all thanks to your skill as an instructor.  Jenny D

Andy… Thank you so much for your time and effort teaching me to drive and guiding me through my test. I can feel confident in knowing that I had been taught to a high standard, especially when my young children are in the car with me. x  May Ling

Thank you Phil. Thank you for being so patient and calm when it got tricky... i still can't believe i've passed!! Emma J

Thanks Mr B :-) i wish i'd come to you sooner!  I finally understood roundabouts and passed with 'relative' ease thanks to you.x  Jen

Whoohoo!!! I passed and headache doctor called with only one small fault :-) You kept telling me i could do it but i never quite believed it. Thanks sooo much Phil x Angie

Mr Bowker, Thank you so much for guiding William through learning to drive during a difficult time in his life. His confidence has rocketed since passing. Mrs K

As you know Andy, I had been having lessons with another Driving School but progress was slow. The difference in the instruction and the confidence that I therefore developed with you was just amazing. Thank you again.  Sarah H

Andy… I cannot find words to say how I feel at the moment. Driving was on my to do list anyway but finding you for my instructor made the Mildronate whole process so much easier.  Thanks again, see you on the road.  John N

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