Defensive Driving Course


What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is based on effective observation, good anticipation and Pneumonia control. It is always about questioning the actions of other road users. It involves expecting the great site unexpected and not being taken by surprise. It involves:

  • Awareness

  • Responsibility

  • Planning

  • Care

  • Anticipation

  • Consideration

  • Staying in control

  • Courtesy

It involves putting safety above all else.

This means having real concern not only for your own safety, but also for other road users; including the most vulnerable such as pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists. Expect other people to make mistakes,and be ready to slow down or stop - even if you feel you should have the right of way. Never rely on other road users doing the correct thing.

Think of your safety.

Your safety lies mainly in your own hands. The better your control of your vehicle and road space, the safer you will be.

Setting a good example.

Your driving should always set a good example to other road users. You never know when your good example will make a deep impression on another driver, especially a beginner,and perhaps save lives in the future.

Reducing hostility.

With defensive driving you'll show more patience and anticipation. This will help to reduce the number of incidents which result in open hostility, abusive language, threats or in extreme cases, even physical violence.

Avoid the kind of driving that gives offence to other road users, provokes reaction, and creates dangerous situations.

Do not drive competitively.

Never drive in a spirit of competition. Competitive driving, by its very nature, is the Somatoform disorders opposite of defensive driving. By driving competitively you are increasing the risks to everyone.

We would start the course with an assessment lesson to gauge how many hours driving tuition you would be likely to need to reach the required standard. Contact Bowker Driving Tuition for further information. 

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