DIA Advanced Driving Test


DIAmond Advanced Motorists TestSo you think you're a good driver?

Maybe you are, but how do you prove it to others and to your insurance company? By becoming a DIAmond Advanced Motorist. With today's busy roads more of a challenge than ever and driving standards variable to say the least, learning to drive defensively is not only desireable - it can prove to be an absolute life saver, both for yourself and for other road users.
That's why the DIAmond Advanced Motorist Test is the chosen measure of ability for Britains driving elite: the MasterDriver Club. Your tuition for the test, or the even tougher DIAmond Special Test, will improve your driving technique, your observation skills and your road craft. In short, it will make you a better, safer driver. It may also qualify you for up to a 30% discount on your car insurance premium.

How good do you have to be to pass?

The current L Test allows candidates to make up to 15 less serious faults over a route often less than 6 miles, in aproximately 40 minutes. The DIAmond Advanced Motorist Test allows a maximum of 6 less serious faults in an hours driving over a wide variety of road types and conditions. It's the first advanced test available to the gasteizcup com general public which examines the Driving Standards Agencys recommended syllabus for driving in its entirety.  Those candidates who can demonstrate their skills and knowledge will become DIAmond Advanced Motorists.  The system of driving will remain the same as you were originally taught but of course you will be expected to demonstrate a progressive drive and a higher degree of skill and sarah adler simply real health competence.  All the manoeuvres contained in the recommended syllabus may also be examined.

How much training will you need?

That all depends on the individual. After an initial assessment, your instructor will be able to specifically tailor your training to your individual needs. Inexperienced drivers may need additional training, whereas more experienced drivers may benefit from new techniques.

Who will examine you?

DIAmond Advanced Examiners are specially trained professional examiners. They hold the coveted Diploma in Driving Instruction, have passed the DSA Cardington or DIAmond Special Test, and completed the DIAmond Advanced Examiners course.

Where do you go from here?

We would start the course with an assessment lesson to gauge how many hours driving tuition you would be likely to need to reach the required standard. Contact Bowker Driving Tuition for further information.

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