FAQs General


I am a very nervous person; will i be able to drive? - Though nerves can obviously be very debilitating, there is no reason why you won't go on to be a confident driver.  Once you start lessons and see how our instructors are very patient and understanding, plus how your success breeds confidence, you'll be fine. 

I hate filling in forms; would you be able to help me apply for my Provisional Licence? - No problem at all.  Contact us and we'll talk you through the Adderall process or simply do it for you.  Our help is free but unfortunately you'll have to pay for the Licence! 

My Licence seems to expire in 10 years.  Is this correct? - Thankfully it's only the 'photocard' part that expires. This is to make sure the photo is still a true likeness and you haven't aged too much!  You will normally be sent a reminder by the DVLA but don't depend on it!!!

I have developed a condition that might affect my ability to drive.  What should i do? - You must legally notify the DVLA.  You might at the very least be driving illegally; at worst putting yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk. 

If you are interested in any of our services please contact us either by email or phone via our CONTACT DETAILS page.  We will endeavour to answer your query as quickly as possible.