FAQs The Practical Test


How much is the Practical Test currently? - It is currently £62 though check our prices page incase it's increased since this post. (10/06/2010)

Will I have to do some maintenance checks as part of the practical test? - Yes you will. It was introduced to encourage new drivers to build up an understanding of basic maintenance checks that could improve safety and teamhealthfx.com in some cases save your car breaking down on a journey.  We have the male impotence full official list of possible questions and your instructor will cover them fully, as well as give you a home study sheet to help.  The list is also available to print here.

Is there a 'quota' for test passes so i should have a test at the start of the week? - No there is definately not a quota. If you drive to the required standard you will pass your driving test regardless of 5 components of health related fitness what time or day it is. The DSA naturally keep an eye on the test pass rates to see that standards are being applied consistently across the country but would not fail someone who they know to be a safe driver just to keep in line with their figures.

Do the examiners follow certain test routes? - They do have a basic set of test routes to ensure that each candidate will have had to negotiate certain types of hazards and used various control, observation and assessment skills.  It's important though to learn how to drive.... not just learn how to drive around a certain route.  After all, as soon as you pass your practical test you're likely to drive on roads that you'll not have driven on before. Surely it'd be better to have a good all round driving ability to be able to tackle hazards you encounter for the first time?


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